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Russell Darrington was recommended to me by other patients of his, and I'm so grateful to have found him. After seeing so many doctors, I thought I was going to just live with back pain. He not only identified the areas that could help, he also told me what to do when it was hurting. He developed a physical therapy and exercise regimen that helped accomplish the goal of no more pain. He also helped with my neuropathy and balance and has worked with my doctors to improve my well-being overall.

He did dry needling which really helped get the pain in check while he worked on the areas that contributed to the pain. He also did the other wave therapy that helped alot as well. Basically, he went to the root of all the problems and improved life for me. I recommend Russell to anyone. His empathy, professionalism and skills are outstanding. - Mark B ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Russell is very knowledgeable in physical therapy. I visited him for lower back and neck pain that caused headaches. Lower back pain affected by daily life physically and mentally.

Russell corrected my back and neck pain. He also went above and beyond with teaching me preventative and corrective stretching exercises. As well as sending me recommendations on products to buy to prevent future pain and correcting my bad posture. Along with following up with me to see how I am feeling.

Russell is definitely one of the best in the business and is very personable. He made me feel comfortable on every visit and it's always a pleasure speaking to him! - Ken N ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Russell was very personable and professional. He did several tests to determine my pain origin. He took time to explain everything extremely well. He assisted me with doing the exercises correctly

He has several different options to assist with pain management. Ie physical therapy back adjustments Dry needling etc. he explained all my options and helped me make decisions for additional treatments Thanks so much!!! - D Hanes ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Meeting with Russell and getting educated on what he does was very refreshing. He shared with me the treatments he provides and how it helps me with my conditions. Extremely informative and Russell took the time to really explain things and answer my questions. What I enjoyed the most about my visit was how thorough he was with what was going on with my shoulder.

He also gave me various options, treatments and suggestions and even things I can do on my own. Russell was very open with his explanations. There were several things that were new to me and he took the time to explain them and answer my questions. He also used 3D models to explain and show what was going on with my shoulder.

His location is conveniently located at the Northwest corner of the 66 and Dalrock. Furthermore, his facility is located right inside of a workout gym and patients are able to step right into the gym if needed. He has state of the art equipment and additionally, for gym goers, if they need it, Phoenix is right next door to Ecel gym for their benefit.

Overall, I had a great visit with him making for an excellent experience. 👍👍Joey P ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

First of all I don’t usually spend my time writing reviews, the good or bad ones. However, I feel compelled to write this one if only because it can help other people as much as it helped me. I am a healthcare worker and due to my job of 14 years I developed chronic repetitive shoulder and neck pain. And so I have been to multiple different PT’s, Arriosti, deep tissue massage places, etc. I have tried enough stuff to know what is good and works and most of these didn’t work out for me either due to barely any one on one time with you (i.e physical therapists, Arrositi) and you spend a good amount of money for that little time…however, It can be good for those that have less pain and less injury to deal with. And although deep tissue massages can help, if you don’t find a way to add the Physical therapy to strengthen your body it will only be a very temporary solution, esp. if have a job where the option to quit is not there right now. I was tired of going to these same people and spending so much money throughout the years and not retaining much from it.

So I knew I had to look for a more holistic practitioner that could see the whole picture and not only concentrate on the instant problem but have the ability to look at everything connected to it, and I was honestly surprised to find that with Dr. Darrington. He is up to date on research and what the best options are, he quotes it all the time, lol. You don’t have to share his time with anyone else and tt’s completely one on one for the whole hour. He’s quite literally a Physical Therapist, Massage Therapist, Acupuncturist, Fitness Instructor, and Chiropractor all rolled into one!

His one session with dry needling and massage therapy on my shoulder and neck fixed 75% of my pain that I dealt with for a whole year. I thought the only way to fix my pain would have been surgery, but it turned out it was mostly muscle related, and in just one session a lot of my pain was gone, which btw did not happen with any of the others. He is a little more expensive than other options, however with his knowledge and time spent with you when I calculated it, probably saved me hundreds if not thousands of dollars already. Completely and totally worth it! Not to mention he is very kind and more importantly pays attention to what you say and sees the whole picture. Go for it, totally worth it! You truly get what you pay for in every sense. - Divya E ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Starting PT with Russell at Phoenix Osteopractic was life-changing for me. I am 56 years old and was stuck in a cycle of intense back and knee pain that was preventing me from living my life. Painful back spasms were keeping me awake at night and I was having to resort to prescription painkillers to get any relief. I hated depending on them and hated how they made me feel hung over the next day. After I was referred to Russell, we began with a dry needling and exercise treatment. After only 2 sessions, the pain was gone and I was sleeping through the night. That was over 3 months ago, and I haven't had a single back spasm since! What a relief!

After that success, I decided to begin treatment on my knee. I had torn my meniscus many years ago and done PT a couple of times to regain strength. But again, the dry needling combined with strengthening exercises has been a game-changer! After 2 sessions, my pain decreased considerably. I am feeling stronger every day and am committed to continuing these sessions so I can hopefully avoid knee replacement surgery and resume the activities I once loved such as kayaking. I've also been wanting to play pickleball, but concerns about my knee prevented me from even trying. My goal this year is to give it a try.

For these reasons, I cannot recommend Russell enough. If pain is preventing you from doing the things you love, schedule an appointment and talk with Russell about what options would work best for you. Scheduling is easy, and Russell is great to work with. He is understanding about your initial limitations (those will disappear!) and also provides motivation, guidance, and accountability that will help you meet your goals and change your life for the better. Thank you for all you do, Russell! - Lori D


Lower back pain was my life for 10 plus years. My pain was limiting my daily activities and affecting my enjoyment of life. Over the years, I have taken every medication and tried every therapy and treatment possible. I was left with medical bills and no pain relief.

After only a handful of treatments and therapy sessions with Russell, I was surprised that my pain had decreased almost 100%. Now, I am able to exercise and move freely without limitations, walk and stand without difficulty, and I wake up feeling refreshed with no pain at all.

Because my experience with Russell has been so positive, I recommend him to everyone, even my own family. He is now treating my mother with Fibromyalgia and back pain as well as my 12-year-old daughter with Scoliosis and a knee injury.

If you are on the fence and undecided about choosing Phoenix Osteopractic Physical Therapy, I would encourage you to make the move. Whether you’re experiencing acute pain from a recent injury or years of chronic pain, you have nothing to lose by giving Russell a try. I guarantee you will see results that you never thought were possible. - Stephanie K ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Has done me wonders and has helped given me new goals! I went to Russell with pain in my back and neck. I have been seeing a rheumatologist and an in the early stages of trying to find out what's wrong with me (even after a year, and due to the Pandemic, they have only been able to hypothesize AS). The pain had gotten so bad I have been out of work and away from my goals of animal training. In two sessions I am able to now stand straighter and the pain is gradually easing. It is a process and he has given the lady and I the most valuable of exercises that I can do at home between our sessions to help keep my posture up.

He is very understanding and will help work a program that is in your limits. I have been in life altering pain for the last year and have had little results or words from doctors; I know it isn't a cure but his therapy combined with what the doctors are hopefully going to get to me soon; gives me hope that I will be able to get well enough again to follow my dreams of training animals and be able to enjoy the last of my late 20s with little to no pain. Russell is very informative and skilled and I am very glad to have come across his practice, he has provided me much needed pain relief I have not been able to recieve currently from doctors and I am very thankful and looking forward to my next appointment. 5/5 ! - Wolfie ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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